Weld seam tracking, also known as joint tracking, refers to real-time tracking ahead of the weld position. This not only corrects the trajectory of the robot or dedicated machine, but also enables adaptive control, for example by adjusting the voltage, wire feed speed or travel speed to change the weld seam shape.

Weld seam tracking methods

Weld seam tracking is mainly divided into: contact, non-contact and arc sensing according to the form of sensing.

The main principle is to convert the relative position change of the weld seam into an electrical signal through the physical contact between the welding robot and the bevel.

The mechanical type uses the mechanism to contact the weld seam, using the shape of the weld seam as a guide. The mechanical-electronic type uses the fact that when there is a deviation in position between the weld seam and the center of the welding torch, the guide rod itself receives an electrical signal that controls the welding robot to align the torch with the center of the weld seam according to the size and direction of the deviation. These sensors are simple and inexpensive, but they are prone to mechanical wear and tear, and the long welding time makes the sensing accuracy deteriorate, which is not conducive to automated welding.

The laser seam tracking system is a tailor-made system for industrial robots, which is simply equivalent to adding "eyes" to industrial robots, allowing them to "see" and effectively reduce problems such as bias welding and leakage welding.

Advantages of laser seam tracking system

1.High welding accuracy

The laser seam tracking system can solve the problem of partial welding in laser welding, and can automatically detect and correct the position of the welding gun during the welding process to ensure the accuracy of welding.

2.Faster welding speed

Laser welding tracking system can circumvent the errors caused by human eye welding and complete welding quickly and efficiently

3.Better welding effect

Laser welding tracking system greatly reduces the problem of partial welding, leakage welding, smooth and beautiful welding seam, better welding effect

4.Lower requirements for personnel

Laser welding tracking technology is easy to operate, personnel can be employed after simple training, lower recruitment costs

The laser welding seam tracking system is equipped with a dedicated system to correct the path of the welding gun in real time, so that the gun is always on the right track to ensure the quality of welding. Laser seam tracking system with automatic welding equipment brings a new breakthrough in the welding industry, which can truly automate and unmanned the welding process, improving welding quality and efficiency while reducing the number of welders.

Automatically guiding the welding gun to complete the welding can ensure the strength of the weld seam, beautiful appearance, and change the obvious shortcomings of the traditional robot welding manufacturing process, which is low-end, labor-intensive, and difficult to mass produce. Through the complex program algorithm to complete the online real-time monitoring of the weld seam, non-contact tracking, measuring the weld seam offset by sensors, guiding and controlling the welding gun for positioning. It has the advantages of beautiful weld seam formation, reliable quality, high product qualification rate, low labor intensity and high production efficiency.