Butt Blank welds generally exist in industries such as pipelines and pressure vessels. The joints are characterized by extremely small gaps in the weld joints, alternating left and right sides of the staggered side, at the same time, it may be accompanied by irregular tack, which resulting in poor joint consistency and difficulty in controlling welding accuracy. Therefore, the welding quality will be affected. IntelligentLaser provides you with the butt blank seam tracking sensor with a 0.08mm minimum detection gap, which can be quickly installed on industrial robots or automatic welding special equipment. Through visual guidance, the sensor can correct the programmed path of robot or automatic welding special equipment to ensure that the weld is accurately deposited on the joint and keep precise and efficient welding.

Types of Butt Blank Seam Tracking Sensor

IL-SMT090 Seam Tracking & Seam Finding Sensor
Working Distance Ranges: 84 to 96mm Optimum Viewing Height: 90mm Minimum Detection Gap: 0.08mm
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Butt Blank Seam Tracking Sensor Advantages

Compact and Small

High integration, compact size, easy disassembly and assembly, reliable internal structure design, strong protection and low power consumption.

Powerful Performance

Anti-glare and spatter, strong real-time performance, high detection accuracy of 0.08mm, maximum welding seam tracking speed up to 10M/s.

Working Principle of Butt Blank Seam Tracking Sensor

Working Principle of Butt Blank Seam Tracking Sensor
Working Principle of Butt Blank Seam Tracking Sensor

The position between the laser sensor and the welding gun is fixed. The sensor extracts the weld features by scanning the geometric information of the weld and workpiece through the beam, then generating three-dimensional points cloud data, and calculating the relationship between the tool of robot and the sensor, which can be used to transform the sensor data to robot coordinate system. As a result, robot is guided to automatically compensate the deviation between the teaching path and the actual weld position, so as to realize intelligent welding.

Working Process of Butt Blank Seam Tracking Sensor

Working Process of Butt Blank Seam Tracking Sensor
  • As a light source, the laser emits a certain wavelength beam and projects it onto the surface of the workpiece to form a laser belt

  • The high-definition camera module receives the diffuse reflection of the laser strip and takes an image

  • CUTEWELDER software processes the collected data at high speed through optical algorithms

  • The CUTEWELDER software converts the three-dimensional feature of the weld into the image, generates structural information such as the position and shape of the measured object, and determines the weld path.

  • The host control unit provides the welding path to the robot

  • The industrial robot realizes the adjustment of the teaching and improves the welding quality

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