Laser Seam Tracking Systems

Laser vision seam tracking system is mainly composed of a laser sensor and a host control unit. The laser sensor is used for activating collection of seam information. The host control unit is responsible for real-time processing of seam information, and maintains real-time communication with industrial robots or special welding machines. Correct the programmed path of the robot or special machine during welding to ensure that the weld is accurately deposited on the joint. laser vision seam tracking system includes 5 main application branches and more than 10 product models, which can suitable for more than 30 robot brands. Meanwhile, it's Finding/Seam Tracking/Pre-Scanning/Adaptive Tracking function can meet the needs of intelligent welding.

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Seam Tracking System in Welding and Cutting

Intelligent Laser Technology can provide customers with complete automation solutions, according to the customer's welding process, material and deadline, realize the in-depth development of product functions, meet the special welding needs of customers, and achieve rapid improvement of welding level.

Laser Seam Tracking System Cases

With the development of the industrial innovation, laser vision seam tracking system has been widely applied in more than 1000 manufacturing companies and also has been highly accepted by them. In the future, Intelligent Laser will continue to provide efficient and reliable products for the users, as our core value is to innovate and develop independently in order to dedicate ourselves to the development of the intelligent equipment industry!

Why Choose Intelligent Laser


TANGSHAN INTELLIGENT LASER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established in 2013, with more than 90 employees. Our headquarters is located in Tangshan, 1 hour from Beijing if taken high-speed train. We mainly engaged in the field of laser vision system R&D. Our products mainly include laser sensor and host control unit. The sensor is used for collecting the joints. The host control unit is used for processing and keeping real-time communication with industrial robots or welding machines. The other two functions are seam tracking and seam finding, which satisfy the majority of the intelligent welding requirement.

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  • Excellent R & D capability

    Excellent R & D capability

    The R&D team personnel account for more than 35%, with more than 40 patents.

  • Strict quality control

    Strict quality control

    The certificates we have are ISO9001 and CE.

  • Perfect after-sale system

    Perfect after-sale system

    We provide professional, standard and in-time services.

  • Support customized development

    Support customized development

    Reasonable solutions can be tailored for customers to meet different needs.

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More than 1000 manufacturing companies

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Company Partner

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